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Imagine a future without agency fees A new day

Pari Passu is a different kind of recruitment company. Yes, we’re faster, land better people and we’re extremely cost-effective – and perhaps you’d expect us to say that. What you might not expect is the way in which we transform recruitment for you – forever.

Recruitment, reimagined.

We’re on a mission to change the way you recruit.

Recruitment is a vital part of company growth, sustainability and culture. Generic recruitment agency processes are, by and large, commoditised, long, drawn-out affairs which result in a poor candidate journey. This is unacceptable in the current market and untenable in the future. This can change, because Pari Passu is here to transform recruitment, empowering businesses to hire the very best people – without agency fees.

We combine recruitment with organisational change to reengineer the talent-acquisition processes – on average delivering 190% greater productivity per hire, up to 90% reduction in candidate dropout and slashing hiring managers’ time spent on each recruitment project to under one hour.

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The low-down

We don’t just talk the talk

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Why Pari Passu?

Some of the reasons why clients choose us


There’s normal recruitment speed and there’s Pari Passu recruitment speed. Which means hiring contractors in under an hour, and permanent employees in under three hours. No corners cut – just solid, proven processes.


Delivering great recruitment isn’t a magic trick. Our experience enables us to not only work quickly, but also find people who are exactly the right fit – not just the first time, but every time.


We can’t take credit for the great skills and attitudes of the people we put forward, but we can be proud of our ability to find and engage them.


Our process reengineering can dramatically lower the cost of recruitment – ultimately getting companies to the position where they won’t have to pay an agency fee again.


Delivering a future where the location, selection and the engagement journey creates delight on both sides, leading to <5% dropout rate, >90% retention rate – and 0% agency fees.

Straight talk

We say it like it is – our clients respect our directness and rely on our honesty. Being candid helps us to be a better, more effective partner.

The payoff

Delivering outstanding recruitment performance

Productivity gains
Dropout reduction
Cost reduction
Clients’ time wasted

Recruitment delivery

Getting the job done, without fuss


Finding exactly the right kind of people. Our average contractor tenure is 24.1 months and we boast an average time to hire of under one hour.


Matching people with the best skills, talent and disposition to both the role and culture of the organisation. We average <5% dropout in the first 12 months and a time-to-hire of under 3 hours.


Recruiting multiple people to work as a team on a single client project – we’ve been able to slash clients’ hiring time by 80%.

Recruitment transformation

Thinking afresh about recruitment

Process transformation

Leveraging our extensive recruitment and change-management experience to dramatically optimise clients’ recruitment processes.

Internal recruitment

Working with clients to build flexible, agile internal recruitment functions.

Continuous improvement

Embedding ongoing customer intelligence into processes, talent, training and technology – keeping clients at the forefront of securing the best talent.

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